Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soccer season starts with a big win!

Okay, I know I'm already slacking on my work out blog but I promise I wasn't slacking on the soccer Field tonight. The new season started tonight and I'm so thankful because I know that is what kept me lean this past year while I was taking my break from the gym, and also cause it's super fun to tackle grown men. Tonight I was a little displaced because it's been over two month since I've really played and I need to get back into the game. I actually have not had any fears about breaking my nose again which is good.... I think....only if I don't break it again. Tonight was pretty low key and I didn't end up on the ground at all and was only pushed and had my foot stepped on once. Oh and I didn't send any guys to the grown.... kinda boring.... but a good way to get back into the game.

What I did have was the assist to the only goal of the game and it happened to be to my man Scottie who sunk it in the net beautifully. It was great because those of you who know me know that the first time I met him he was being super cocky. We met the night before we played in a soccer tournament together and his first words were "Hi, I'm Scott. I'll be scoring all the goals tomorrow, so when you get the ball just kick it to me." Funny thing was he kinda wasn't joking.... He was joking when he said it that night; but I did kick it to him the next day and he did score that goal and most the others that day. So that is always a running joke between us; I'm just following orders when I kick it to him.

Anyway even though I've been slacking a little on the blog, I've still been working out. I'll be better about posting this week.

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  1. Good thing we are going to work out in 5 minutes. Woohoo. Hurry up. And oh, nice pass!