Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Journey begins!

Okay so it’s a new year and everyone is making resolutions to get back into shape, so I guess it’s not a big deal that I’m making one either. My story is a little different though because this is the first year in many years that I’ve had to make this resolution. In 2003 I competed and won a figure competition and then I became a personal trainer. I worked at several gyms throughout the years teaching classes and training clients. I loved my job but not the money or better yet lack of it. Last January I returned to the gym I was currently working at to find the doors shut and myself out of a job. I packed up and moved to Florida and got an office job. I started playing soccer all the time which I absolutely loved and then stopped going to the gym….. Big mistake! Soccer slowed down quite a bit this summer because all the afternoon Florida thunder showers and then in November I broke my nose and was out for two months. Well, I definitely have some curves now! here I am a year a full year away from the gym and I feel my body has completely changed. All my clothes that use to be baggie “my fat clothes” are extremely tight or too little. This morning I changed my outfit three times so I could hide my stomach which is the part of my body that girls and guys use to look at with envy. Oh yeah, did I mention I got a boyfriend back in June and we were drinking too much beer, not good for the female figure. He has decided to be my partner in this quest to get my little hard body back. Well I’m cracking down; it’s time for Sarah Lee to get back in shape and stop looking at herself with disgust every time she looks in the mirror.
Weight on Monday January 5, 2009 (Still can’t believe I’m posting this online) 126 1bs. Which may not seem like a lot but my driver’s license says my height is 5’1 and I’ll let you in on a secret… I told a little white lie at the DMV I’m only 5’0.
Work out today: Joined Planet Fitness. Only One dollar to join and then 10 dollars a month. What a deal but what a nightmare. Gyms are always so crazy the first month of the new year and one that only makes you pay a dollar to sign up well you can imagine what a zoo that would be. (note to self—cancel membership at LA Fitness—the one you have been paying 35 dollars a month that has been directed debited out of your account and you’ve only used 3 times)
Monday- 8 Minutes on the Elliptical to warm up alternating one minute forward then one minute backwards. Increasing level every two minutes. (ugh! I wish I wore shorts and tank top… instead wore t-shirt and long pants because I was too self conscious paying for it now)
Squats – Real squats! First set warmed up with the bar and did 15 Reps
2nd and 3rd sets put 25lb plates on so 95lbs 15 Reps each time (my legs were shaking big time at the end) Alternating between these sets I did 15 Frog kicks/crunches on the sitting on a bench.
Then I alternated between Seated Rows and pushups trying doing 15 reps each and trying only take a 30 second rest in-between.
Lastly I did step ups with a bench about one foot high and 15 lb dumbbells in each hand. I did 15 reps each leg (these are great for the hamstrings and butt!) And worked jack knifes in with a balance ball in between. Here I did 10 reps and each time I did one I felt like I was going to fall right on my face!
Workout number 2- January 6, 2009 Wow! I made it to the gym two days in a row…. Already doing better than most people with their resolutions
Elliptical 20 minutes…. I was smarter and I wore shorts today but because my legs have gotten bigger my shorts kept on riding up and making me feel like a chunk…. I was wishing I wore my pants instead… man, I’m such a head case. Anyway I started with one minute going forward at level one and then bumped it up to level 6 and continued going forward. I kept level six and went backward for 4 minutes and then alternated between backward and forward each minute for the remaining 20 minutes going up and down with the levels so that I was able to change the intensity every minute of the workout. Interval training=the best way to lose weight.
Dumbbell Shoulder press 15 reps alternating with 15 Reps of wide grip lat pull downs
Weights for sets SP 15/15/20 LPD 60/65/75
BENCH UGH! I felt so weak!
First set warmed up with the bar / 2nd set 15 reps of 65 lbs/ 3rd set 12 reps 75lbs / 4th set 9 reps 85lbs

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  1. Ahhh, yeah we may be a bit sore but it is fun getting back to our origins together :-)

    I don't think this world is ready for us to be back in shape, but it better start getting itself prepared! I love you girl.